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Sunday, October 19, 2008
Opening to Infinity


Greetings all,

Welcome to my new blog focusing on the Agni Yoga writings, a joint-venture in sacred verse and inspired commentary. We will begin first with the 2 volumes of Infinity by the Agni Yoga Society, as an exercise of the soul and spirit to expand its inward perception of Infinity, awakening the soul-powers to their divine potentials.

Official site - Agni Yoga Society * Wiki article (comprehensive)

We'll begin with vol. 1 of Infinity and share choice passages with my own commentary, with the purpose of carrying the reader along an expanding path of conscious discovery and inner dialogue, expanding the consciousness towards Infinity and his/her divine calling/mission to be an instrument of cosmos and warrior of the Light. We carry these meditations to the glory of the divine Will in creation and evolutionary progress, in Master Morya's honor.

With this we'll keep in mind our soul's part in the upward spiral of the yoga of Spirit and its firery ascension. With the blue-ray of will, power, trust, faith and protection,....we assume the Shield of the masters and guard the chalice of fire that evokes the ascension of the spirit in the Heart of the Infinite. With hearts and minds open and spirits ablaze, to our divine vocation we lift up the banners of loyalty to the hosts of Light and the inner guide that carries us safely thru trials to attain our victory.

To the mystic fire of the Christ and the Holy Sophia,

Paul Joseph Purcell

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"Preface to Infinity

We give the book Infinity.

" Is it worth while to speak of Infinity if it is unattainable? But it does exist; and everything great, even if invisible, compels us to think about the ways to it. Thus, even now let us ponder about the ways into Infinity; for it exists, and it is terrifying if it is not cognized. But even in the earthly life one can approach and can temper the spirit toward acceptance of the unfathomable. A great deal remains unknown to us, yet we do overcome our ignorance.

Thus, even if we do not understand the meaning of Infinity, we are able to realize it as something unavoidable and therefore meriting special attention. How else may we temper into commensurateness our thoughts and actions? Verily, by comparison with Infinity we realize the scope of our grievances and triumphs. "

- Infinity, preface

Contemplating Infinity thru the venue of our finite perception expands our horizon to the boundless fields in which our parameters gaze. At once upon its meditation, the doors are hurled open to endless space to open the breath of spirit to new frontiers. As beginning this adventure, all potentials of space are heralded in the very Heart of the Infinite from which all finite forms and conceptions are born. Our yearning interest and aspiring love towards fulfilling our true purpose is born from the matrix of the Mother-space, who bears us tenderly yet fiercely to obtain our pearl of wisdom at the highest price of self-surrender.

"O cosmic Mother, renew in me the fire of renewal, shape me in the ordering figure and image of the Christ, that I may herald and glorify the Father of perfection and the spirit of ever ascending Love that prospers the whole of creation. Aumen "

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Monday, October 20, 2008
Matter and spirit


"Humanity is distressed because of lost currents, but its explanations of the shiftings on Earth and of the manifestations of cosmic perturbations are geological. Despite these explanations, the factual evidence, the manifestations of fiery, subterranean, and supermundane currents, reveal to the world the concept of Infinity."

"The preordained date begins to bring closer a new planet from Infinity. Therefore, observe the earthly perturbations. But the dimensions of the planetary bodies are not important, for the intensity of the cosmic rays from Infinity, through our relativity, together with your psychic energy and the cooperation of the spheres, can create an earthly realm equal to the spheres of the higher worlds."

- Infinity, ch. 1

 As we consider the matterial world and its relationship with the spiritual, we discover their relationships of spiritual energy, as it evolves thru space and time in the Higher Will currents of the Supreme. As the prayer of Unity and harmonic resonance sounds from the sentient ones, all life is curdled in the afterflow of coalescing Love. 'As it is in the heavenlies, so be it upon the earth', - we hold all existence, even matter, in the perfection of the Spirit, immersing all into the One. Infinity itself is the all-permeating space wherein all existence emerges and submerges back into itself to be reborn.

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Baptism of fire

" Where the earthly crust ends for geologists it begins for Us. Impregnated with the emanations of your actions and saturated with the crystals of darkness of human thought, this crust presents a resistance harder than flint. But through the ceaseless striving of thought this dense sphere, which holds Earth tightly in its clutches, can disperse like a thin vapor. Should we not dissolve these accumulations, when we may choose between the thread into Infinity or a pile of obstructions?

Is it so difficult for the consciousness to propel itself to that source the streams of which are endless? Can the obstacles be so resistive when the Teaching says that it is easy to lift the curtain of the future? Decide to apply this to life, so that the ability to make use of Our advices should not be limited to exclamations or assurances, and let your spirit say, "The wisdom of the Lord is the power of the far-off worlds. The Fire of Infinity and the radiation of the Star of the Mother of the World are sending to us the affirmation of our being! "

-Infinity, ch. 2

Heralding the fire of Spirit within soul, we send forth the callings of divine Wisdom and creative intelligence, the Elohim-builders who construct the energies of matter in form, bearing all matterial creations. Keeping our spirits attuned to Infinity we incarnate the Tao and flow as One within its eternity-stream. We will with divine Will, magnifying the fire of intent, accelerating the logos with like intensities, fulfilling all momentums of the Heart. In all generations we honor the Mother-Light, who takes in the seeds of the Father, expanding the body of the Eternal Son.

"As above, so below".


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Sunday, October 26, 2008
the potentials of Infinity


"A concept completely foreign to that of Cosmos exists in the human consciousness the concept of the void. How can the labor of evolution, the fiery construction of your planet, be limited by void! It is not difficult to understand that the very smallest beginning is conceived within bounds. Then why not admit that it is boundlessness that permits the manifestation of physical changes? Could one diminish this manifestation? The concept of Boundlessness does not mean complexity; simply picture the earthly undergoing transformation into a higher state. There is no limit to upward striving. It means that the idea of continuity in everything and in all dimensions is not complex. Do not limit the manifestations! "

- Infinity, ch. 3

The idea of evolutional progress is a singular momentus continuation of transformation. The complexities are only in the relative-associations of all things carrying their activities within the movement of the One Life. Holding the reality of infinite space before us in our creative work amplifies the potentials of that space to take shape!

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" Human consciousness can be directed toward the disciplining of unbridled and unconscious thoughts. But to impart too much is difficult when so many minds are creating chaos. The development of straight-knowledge will help humanity. When straight-knowledge will dictate where is chaos and where is Infinity, when straight-knowledge will distinguish a cosmic manifestation from an arbitrary one, then humanity will become the possessor of the key of knowledge. We appreciate that science produced the telescope, but the telescope of straight-knowledge penetrates into Infinity. Your telescope demands expenditures and exertion, but when one possesses the sensitiveness of Our apparatus one penetrates everywhere. "

-Infinity, ch. 4

The holders of the true keys of gnosis, enter into the kingdom mysteries and proclaim its glories. Line upon line, precept upon precept...the truth is unfolded in its perfections. Only gnosis(knowledge) enlightens man along his upward ascent towards God-consciousness, which is why the key-holders are vital in assisting the evolutions of the Spirit for the entire race.

"O keys of knowledge, passages of wisdom, adorn us in truth. In loyalty of thy honor we shall hold thy trust."

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Thursday, November 06, 2008
the higher musics...............


Have you thought about the spirit-creativeness on the future planets? Is it possible that all began with you and will end with you? Does any process cease? The chain of worlds is endless; where one planet crumbles another one is born. Truth wrestles with death, and when skeptics say, "It is the end," We say, "It is the beginning!" Understanding of the manifested evolution will reveal the triumph of Truth. Shall we not share in the triumph? Shall we seal our vessels still empty? Shall we reject the transmission of the power of consciousness? When I say utilize the manifested rays, when I say fill the chalice of knowledge, when I say design the best creations through straight-knowledge, when I say strength lies in the limitlessness of knowledge—it means lend an open ear to the cosmic whirls, it means search the radiance of Fohat, it means manifest understanding of the music of the spheres.

- Infinity, ch. 5

Opening to the infinity of knowledge releases the cosmic dispensations of art and science. Out of the womb of creation the songs of renewal pour. In the current of Spirit, we are one symphony.


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Sunday, November 23, 2008
endless cycles


The very impetus of Life surges with the momentus tides of Spirit, the undergirding, uplifting power of the One Mind, orchestrating its energies according to divine Will. Birth, death, rebirth, life ever-regenerating according to the cosmic cycles of eons. The OverSoul holds the potentials of Infinity within its center expanding out to the far reaches of space upon the spread of Creation.


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Upholding the Shield


Has it been ordained by the Lords that the concept of cosmos should be diminished into your human understanding of a short cycle? The span of understanding will define the outline of possibilities. Everything gains substantial nourishment from the same source, Prana, the manifested power of Cosmos. You accept the affirmation of this need quite simply; with equal simplicity accept the fact of psychic influence of the rays. When you will accept the wisdom of the ages according to Our Indications with your entire being, then the whirlwind of calamities will break against a wall of light. Do not reject that degree of Spatial Fire which opens the way to the far-off worlds. In it is contained the shield of the future

- Infinity, ch. 6

Within space the clashes of darkness and light prevail, in the cascades of Creation. Emerging from the stardust new worlds are born. Arising from within the Primal Consciousness, Will ordains it premeditated plans. As we league with the streams of Light, and Love's investment.....we so invigorate the cosmic forces to carry us. The 'shield' is as an emblem of the warrior, guarding one in the midst of the onrush of conflict, it protects as well as preserves one in the tumults of time. We therefore uphold the shield of the masters who guide us to Victory.




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The Mother Light


Accept in spirit the concept of Infinity. Affirm Infinity in your consciousness. Apply all thought on a broad scale. This lever of the Fire of Space is manifested everywhere. Throughout the limitless consciousness the Hand of the Lords acts; apply likewise your striving. Where does the Fire of Infinity not live? Is not the concept of the Creator affirmed by straight-knowledge in the spring of eternally flowing love? To us is manifested the symbol—the spring of love. Is there not boundless labor in Eternity and in the works of Cosmos? Is not the eternally living seed of Our striving implanted for the help to humanity?

Eternally moving, eternally striving, eternally aspiring to the heights, eternally manifesting vigilance, affirming Truth, manifesting the radiant thread of the Mother of the World by the armor of infinite beauty, assailing the darkness of ignorance, promising to the abode of humanity the glory of the stars....

- Infinity, ch.7

The very holding of Infinity in the heart of the devotee opens up the portals of Creation, the Space of God-consciousness, the Totality of wonder, the awe of creativity. Innovation, service, sacred vocation, art, every virtuous science springs from the Heart of Infinity. This is the Spring, the Mothering Womb....from which the Logos is born in perpetual cycles, to the glory of the Father.


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