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Sunday, October 19, 2008
Opening to Infinity


Greetings all,

Welcome to my new blog focusing on the Agni Yoga writings, a joint-venture in sacred verse and inspired commentary. We will begin first with the 2 volumes of Infinity by the Agni Yoga Society, as an exercise of the soul and spirit to expand its inward perception of Infinity, awakening the soul-powers to their divine potentials.

Official site - Agni Yoga Society * Wiki article (comprehensive)

We'll begin with vol. 1 of Infinity and share choice passages with my own commentary, with the purpose of carrying the reader along an expanding path of conscious discovery and inner dialogue, expanding the consciousness towards Infinity and his/her divine calling/mission to be an instrument of cosmos and warrior of the Light. We carry these meditations to the glory of the divine Will in creation and evolutionary progress, in Master Morya's honor.

With this we'll keep in mind our soul's part in the upward spiral of the yoga of Spirit and its firery ascension. With the blue-ray of will, power, trust, faith and protection,....we assume the Shield of the masters and guard the chalice of fire that evokes the ascension of the spirit in the Heart of the Infinite. With hearts and minds open and spirits ablaze, to our divine vocation we lift up the banners of loyalty to the hosts of Light and the inner guide that carries us safely thru trials to attain our victory.

To the mystic fire of the Christ and the Holy Sophia,

Paul Joseph Purcell

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