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Monday, October 20, 2008
Baptism of fire

" Where the earthly crust ends for geologists it begins for Us. Impregnated with the emanations of your actions and saturated with the crystals of darkness of human thought, this crust presents a resistance harder than flint. But through the ceaseless striving of thought this dense sphere, which holds Earth tightly in its clutches, can disperse like a thin vapor. Should we not dissolve these accumulations, when we may choose between the thread into Infinity or a pile of obstructions?

Is it so difficult for the consciousness to propel itself to that source the streams of which are endless? Can the obstacles be so resistive when the Teaching says that it is easy to lift the curtain of the future? Decide to apply this to life, so that the ability to make use of Our advices should not be limited to exclamations or assurances, and let your spirit say, "The wisdom of the Lord is the power of the far-off worlds. The Fire of Infinity and the radiation of the Star of the Mother of the World are sending to us the affirmation of our being! "

-Infinity, ch. 2

Heralding the fire of Spirit within soul, we send forth the callings of divine Wisdom and creative intelligence, the Elohim-builders who construct the energies of matter in form, bearing all matterial creations. Keeping our spirits attuned to Infinity we incarnate the Tao and flow as One within its eternity-stream. We will with divine Will, magnifying the fire of intent, accelerating the logos with like intensities, fulfilling all momentums of the Heart. In all generations we honor the Mother-Light, who takes in the seeds of the Father, expanding the body of the Eternal Son.

"As above, so below".


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