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Sunday, October 26, 2008


" Human consciousness can be directed toward the disciplining of unbridled and unconscious thoughts. But to impart too much is difficult when so many minds are creating chaos. The development of straight-knowledge will help humanity. When straight-knowledge will dictate where is chaos and where is Infinity, when straight-knowledge will distinguish a cosmic manifestation from an arbitrary one, then humanity will become the possessor of the key of knowledge. We appreciate that science produced the telescope, but the telescope of straight-knowledge penetrates into Infinity. Your telescope demands expenditures and exertion, but when one possesses the sensitiveness of Our apparatus one penetrates everywhere. "

-Infinity, ch. 4

The holders of the true keys of gnosis, enter into the kingdom mysteries and proclaim its glories. Line upon line, precept upon precept...the truth is unfolded in its perfections. Only gnosis(knowledge) enlightens man along his upward ascent towards God-consciousness, which is why the key-holders are vital in assisting the evolutions of the Spirit for the entire race.

"O keys of knowledge, passages of wisdom, adorn us in truth. In loyalty of thy honor we shall hold thy trust."

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