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Sunday, November 23, 2008
Upholding the Shield


Has it been ordained by the Lords that the concept of cosmos should be diminished into your human understanding of a short cycle? The span of understanding will define the outline of possibilities. Everything gains substantial nourishment from the same source, Prana, the manifested power of Cosmos. You accept the affirmation of this need quite simply; with equal simplicity accept the fact of psychic influence of the rays. When you will accept the wisdom of the ages according to Our Indications with your entire being, then the whirlwind of calamities will break against a wall of light. Do not reject that degree of Spatial Fire which opens the way to the far-off worlds. In it is contained the shield of the future

- Infinity, ch. 6

Within space the clashes of darkness and light prevail, in the cascades of Creation. Emerging from the stardust new worlds are born. Arising from within the Primal Consciousness, Will ordains it premeditated plans. As we league with the streams of Light, and Love's investment.....we so invigorate the cosmic forces to carry us. The 'shield' is as an emblem of the warrior, guarding one in the midst of the onrush of conflict, it protects as well as preserves one in the tumults of time. We therefore uphold the shield of the masters who guide us to Victory.




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