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Sunday, November 23, 2008
The Spiral of Life


 The evolution of all that exists is not separate from the evolution of each spirit; it is as one spiral in eternal motion. The spiritual consciousness impelled to Our heights accumulates treasures and offers those gifts to Space. Through spiritual consciousness your planet is enriched. Materialism does not move evolution. Materialistic consciousness, pushing toward immobility, breeds the mosquitoes subsisting in the stagnant waters. The cause of the immobility of thought is terrifying. There is no endless rest. Therefore, do not tarry on one spot; either the shifting will swallow you or you will help the cosmic revolution. The basis of everything is the spiral, and you must understand the essence of the eternal Spatial Fire.

- Infinity, ch. 8

The spiral of Life pours out of Infinite Space streaming into the currents of Creation. Like DNA strands, it is ever morphing to greater, more adaptive and beautiful forms, for its own self-expression. Openess to the expanse of uncharted space, with the Fire of Life, enables the potential of will to be actualized. The Fire of Yoga in the heart surrendered to Love liberates the inward potential. As devotees of the sacred Fire, we illuminate space like the stars of heaven, gracing and blessing the matterial worlds, as they undergo transformation. Space, Fire, Light, Consciousness coalesce to the One Glory.

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creation space


People are often perplexed as to what lies beyond consciousness. Of course, in the human understanding the concept of consciousness is limited. This results from the acceptance of the visible world only. Knowledge remains confined within limits if the boundaries of visibility are not broadened. But let us look beyond the boundaries of human consciousness and knowledge; let us find a minute grain of cosmic understanding. How beautiful is the vast horizon! How powerful is the thought penetrating Space! What new ways are disclosed by communion with Infinity! Seek these treasures; in them is the guarantee of your advancement. Of what use is knowledge which brings one to closed gates marked by the sign "we know no more"? Limitation of knowledge is a grave. Therefore, fathom Infinity! The limitation of consciousness is the death of spirit.

- Infinity, ch. 9

The portals of Infinity open for the diligent ones aspiring the greater Vision. Infinity to us, contains the Unknowable, the Ineffable, yet ever opens to us the currencies of knowledge whereby we are illumined. Agnosis(uknowing) gives rise to Gnosis(knowing)...yet knowledge is ever perceiving the great space of potential knowing, which has not yet been unveiled. So we have Agnosis and Gnosis in eternal revolutions. We fathom Infinity, while it is unfathomable, but attaining enough of its substance and knowledge to carry us into each dispensation. Keys of gnosis grant one access, where revelations arise as unfoldings.

Posted at 09:15 pm by expandinglight
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Monday, November 24, 2008
Mother of the world


The cosmic Breath of the Mother of the World is all-pervading. Verily, all is imbued with it. From infinitesimal grains of dust to immeasurable magnitudes, life moves and breathes by this Breath. How then not to cognize the power which moves the Universe! How not to ponder upon the essence of Being! Fathom the rhythm of cosmic energy and understand the rhythm of evolution. The essence of evolution is unalterable and is measured by the manifestation of Infinity.

- Infinity, ch. 10

Here we honor the divine Mother, the Mothering Spirit or Light, from whose womb is born all generations. The Father/Mother God are the divine Parents of all that exists, in the space-time worlds of conditional existence. As we Honor the Father, so the Mother who tenderly nurtures us in Providence fostering our divine potential, awakening our worth in Spirit, inspiring us towards the Joy of our Existence in union with the All. We bless and honor the divine Mother, who heralds her grace as only a true Mother can, whose Love transcends any mortal conception.

Posted at 05:12 pm by expandinglight
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Monday, December 01, 2008
wave structure of matter in space


Those who know the future walk toward evolution. Those who fear evolution walk the pace of death. They will ask why there are ascents and descents. They will be perplexed by the course of evolution. The realization of cosmic waves will explain the course of evolution. When you realize that even from ashes may emerge a beautiful flower, you will understand that destruction is fearful only to the coward consciousness. The cosmic motion acts in waves. One should explain that the deep curves may be avoided, thus hastening evolution.

Instead of faint-heartedness, which denies the reactions of Space, we shall see the keenness of attainment, the beauty of striving, and the grandeur of achievement. Therefore, let us say, "Limitless are the cosmic manifestations!"

- Infinity, ch. 11

Wave Structure of Matter Theory

May waves of love, light, glory, new creation, mind, energy and spirit...evolve their myriad wonders, unfolding new worlds, possibilities, adventures and innovations. The herald of new creation rides upon the waves of infinity.

Posted at 02:08 pm by expandinglight
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Monday, December 08, 2008
Rhythms of love


To reverberate with the rhythm of the Cosmos means to realize the entire magnitude of Infinity. Three principles are affirmed by the way of evolution. Begin to show understanding of the pledge. Do not—indeed do not—manifest indifference to the Source which nurtures you and all that exists! Ponder deeply and you will see that the great Spiritual Toilers of humanity have nurtured their psychic energy by merging with the Infinite. Their striving ecstasy toward the highest beauty was limitless! Their achievement toward the manifested Ordainment was boundless! I have said that the merging with the cosmic rhythm will provide the synthesis of All-being, in the invisible and the visible.

-Infinity, ch. 12

Open portals of mind and spirit keep the streams of ever evolving life fluent, in the cosmic inter-flux of creation. Be One with the master-current and with reverent devotion yield to the will of Spirit. Assume your place in the kingdom, where glory and honor adorns. Move in the rhythms of Light and so merge your willing spirit with the Heart of courage.

Posted at 10:38 pm by expandinglight
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Friday, November 06, 2015
Day and Night


 How simply people accept the immutability of the rhythm of day and night! Why do we not apply this same conception toward the foundation of our human cycle? Macrocosm and microcosm reflect one and the same manifestation. Why, then, do people try to convince themselves of an eternal night, when they await so simply the coming day? Let us accept the currents of unceasing motion. The realization of our adaptability will be affirmed as wisely as the pulsation of the Cosmos. Unfit are sorrow and grief! You must accept the true life of the Cosmos for the full contemplation of Infinity.

- Infinity ch. 13

Inherent in life's movement, is the duality of light and shadow, day and night, birth and death.

Posted at 10:44 pm by expandinglight
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Right Desire


Inseparable is the blending of the higher invisible spheres with the visible. Therefore, comprehend the indivisibility of our life. The Breath of Cosmos is immutable in everything. The manifestation of planetary periods depends on cosmic waves; therefore, those who deny the link between spirit and the cosmic whirls do not walk the path of knowledge.

The assertion of cosmic and limitless forces is clear; the life-giving and eternal process goes on in all things. A spark ignites the Cosmic Fire. Verily, by the spark of desire is the torch of knowledge kindled. But do not impede your own path. Only strive, and your being will be flooded by the radiance of Infinity.

- Infinity ch. 14

Inside the soul's chamber is the inner-working of cosmos, the inbreathing and outbreathing of spirit. The seed of infinity lies within the heart, whose upward movement inspires achievement.

Posted at 11:22 pm by expandinglight
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