Entry: The Mother Light Sunday, November 23, 2008


Accept in spirit the concept of Infinity. Affirm Infinity in your consciousness. Apply all thought on a broad scale. This lever of the Fire of Space is manifested everywhere. Throughout the limitless consciousness the Hand of the Lords acts; apply likewise your striving. Where does the Fire of Infinity not live? Is not the concept of the Creator affirmed by straight-knowledge in the spring of eternally flowing love? To us is manifested the symbol—the spring of love. Is there not boundless labor in Eternity and in the works of Cosmos? Is not the eternally living seed of Our striving implanted for the help to humanity?

Eternally moving, eternally striving, eternally aspiring to the heights, eternally manifesting vigilance, affirming Truth, manifesting the radiant thread of the Mother of the World by the armor of infinite beauty, assailing the darkness of ignorance, promising to the abode of humanity the glory of the stars....

- Infinity, ch.7

The very holding of Infinity in the heart of the devotee opens up the portals of Creation, the Space of God-consciousness, the Totality of wonder, the awe of creativity. Innovation, service, sacred vocation, art, every virtuous science springs from the Heart of Infinity. This is the Spring, the Mothering Womb....from which the Logos is born in perpetual cycles, to the glory of the Father.



November 6, 2015   09:02 PM PST
Awesome insights and sharings :) This is a tester post

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