Entry: "Preface to Infinity Sunday, October 19, 2008

We give the book Infinity.

" Is it worth while to speak of Infinity if it is unattainable? But it does exist; and everything great, even if invisible, compels us to think about the ways to it. Thus, even now let us ponder about the ways into Infinity; for it exists, and it is terrifying if it is not cognized. But even in the earthly life one can approach and can temper the spirit toward acceptance of the unfathomable. A great deal remains unknown to us, yet we do overcome our ignorance.

Thus, even if we do not understand the meaning of Infinity, we are able to realize it as something unavoidable and therefore meriting special attention. How else may we temper into commensurateness our thoughts and actions? Verily, by comparison with Infinity we realize the scope of our grievances and triumphs. "

- Infinity, preface

Contemplating Infinity thru the venue of our finite perception expands our horizon to the boundless fields in which our parameters gaze. At once upon its meditation, the doors are hurled open to endless space to open the breath of spirit to new frontiers. As beginning this adventure, all potentials of space are heralded in the very Heart of the Infinite from which all finite forms and conceptions are born. Our yearning interest and aspiring love towards fulfilling our true purpose is born from the matrix of the Mother-space, who bears us tenderly yet fiercely to obtain our pearl of wisdom at the highest price of self-surrender.

"O cosmic Mother, renew in me the fire of renewal, shape me in the ordering figure and image of the Christ, that I may herald and glorify the Father of perfection and the spirit of ever ascending Love that prospers the whole of creation. Aumen "


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