Entry: Matter and spirit Monday, October 20, 2008


"Humanity is distressed because of lost currents, but its explanations of the shiftings on Earth and of the manifestations of cosmic perturbations are geological. Despite these explanations, the factual evidence, the manifestations of fiery, subterranean, and supermundane currents, reveal to the world the concept of Infinity."

"The preordained date begins to bring closer a new planet from Infinity. Therefore, observe the earthly perturbations. But the dimensions of the planetary bodies are not important, for the intensity of the cosmic rays from Infinity, through our relativity, together with your psychic energy and the cooperation of the spheres, can create an earthly realm equal to the spheres of the higher worlds."

- Infinity, ch. 1

 As we consider the matterial world and its relationship with the spiritual, we discover their relationships of spiritual energy, as it evolves thru space and time in the Higher Will currents of the Supreme. As the prayer of Unity and harmonic resonance sounds from the sentient ones, all life is curdled in the afterflow of coalescing Love. 'As it is in the heavenlies, so be it upon the earth', - we hold all existence, even matter, in the perfection of the Spirit, immersing all into the One. Infinity itself is the all-permeating space wherein all existence emerges and submerges back into itself to be reborn.


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