Entry: the potentials of Infinity Sunday, October 26, 2008


"A concept completely foreign to that of Cosmos exists in the human consciousness the concept of the void. How can the labor of evolution, the fiery construction of your planet, be limited by void! It is not difficult to understand that the very smallest beginning is conceived within bounds. Then why not admit that it is boundlessness that permits the manifestation of physical changes? Could one diminish this manifestation? The concept of Boundlessness does not mean complexity; simply picture the earthly undergoing transformation into a higher state. There is no limit to upward striving. It means that the idea of continuity in everything and in all dimensions is not complex. Do not limit the manifestations! "

- Infinity, ch. 3

The idea of evolutional progress is a singular momentus continuation of transformation. The complexities are only in the relative-associations of all things carrying their activities within the movement of the One Life. Holding the reality of infinite space before us in our creative work amplifies the potentials of that space to take shape!


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